The Student Organiser App

For schools who get what technology can do to improve student learning

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Speak their language

Use the technology they love

Be a leader, not a follower

Maximise your investment in iPads

Stop the blame game

100% certainty that they got the message

All the features your teachers, students & parents want

Student Organiser, Timetable, Diary & Resources

Everything your teachers, students and parents need to be organised, informed and to communicate with one another.

Direct Communications Pushes messages to students

Be on the bus, at home or just about anywhere and reach students directly in a flash without the clutter.

Confirmation of message delivery means student accountability

See exactly who's read messages and had parent permission slips signed in a simple to read report.

Easy set up & talks to your systems

Integrates seamlessly with your current system, easy to set up and costs less than a paper diary.

Integrates seamlessly with:

We integrate with a number of systems

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