Our Story

Getbusi, improving learning around the globe for over a decade

Getbusi Product Releases

  1. 2001 - Getbusi web access management
  2. 2007 - Alert web filtering
  3. 2008 - Advance web filtering
  4. 2011 - Liveair web filtering for laptops
  5. 2011 - Homeroom student organiser app v1
  6. 2012 - Livestream web filtering
  7. 2013 - Homeroom student organiser app v2

About Getbusi

At Getbusi, we’re convinced that mobile learning is transforming the education industry.

Since our inception in 2001, Getbusi has been at the forefront of creating innovative technology to enhance learning. Our highly successful web access management and custom software development has facilitated hundreds of schools around the World in providing leading edge education to students.

Our team of passionate designers and business professionals strive to deliver visionary products that improve the lives of teachers, students and parents. Countless hours of research and development have enabled Getbusi to once again open the doors of opportunity for schools to increase time and learning efficiency through our latest product, Homeroom.

Mobile devices like the iPad, laptops and smartphones are already in the pockets of almost every student and teacher. Don’t wait and watch leading schools taking the initiative to embrace this power and opportunity, get proactive and lead from the front today.

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