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For less than the cost of a paper diary

Timetable & diary on-the-go.

No more excuses for not knowing when class is or when assignments are due. Students and teachers can update their timetables and diaries instantly from their smartphone, laptop, tablet or desktop computer.

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Grade 8 cricket coach, Mr Charlesworth, messaged the team through Homeroom to notify them of an extra training session this week on Wednesday at lunchtime on the sports oval in preparation for finals on the weekend. Student and cricket team member, James, received the message, which also automatically entered the time and date into his Homeroom diary.

On Tuesday night, James checks what classes he has on tomorrow in his timetable and realises he needs to pack his cricket gear for tomorrows extra training session.

Directly message students from anywhere, anytime.

Find yourself not being able to reach students when you need to tell them important updates? No problem, with Homeroom you directly message an individual or group of students and reach them on their iPad, smartphone or computer.

Homeroom messages and notes bust through cluttered email inboxes and are permanent, meaning they won’t get thrown away or left in the bottom of school bags.

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During lunchtime, Information Technology teacher Mrs Bain had to dash off quickly to the bank. While she was out she found out she would have to change her after lunch class from room 3 to room 17 due to a problem with the network in room 3. So in a matter minutes, Mrs Bain sent a message to just the students in her Info Tech class from her iPhone to let them know class would be in room 17 instead of room 3. Easy as that!

Homework is always crystal clear.

No more blame game.

Teachers can set homework notifications so students know exactly when homework is due, what is required, how to submit and how to access links and resources available.

Parents can also log in and view messages and homework teachers have set.

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Grade 9 English teacher, Mrs Simpson, sets homework for her class with Homeroom.

The homework is to write a review on Animal Farm, chapter 9. She sets the due date for tomorrow which is sent to each student’s diary. She also requests they submit the homework via email and gives them a link to find other relevant resources online. She then selects ‘Year 9 English Class’ and sends!

Mrs Simpson can even see who has or hasn’t read the homework instructions and parents can log in to see what has been set!

Parent Notices.

Teachers can request parent signatures electronically on Homeroom and view a report to show which students have read messages or had permission slips signed.

Once the request is signed, parents are sent an email to double confirm they signed the permission request.

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The year 10 science class are going on an excursion to study sandstone caves in one weeks’ time. Instead of giving each student a paper form for their parents to sign which inevitability will be lost deep in the bottom of a school bag, the teacher sends a parent signature request note to each year 10 science student. Students can see the note in their diary and simply have their mum or sign off on the note to give the student permission to attend the excursion. Parents can also send back notes to the teacher with any special requirements.

School Information for all to see.

Keep parents and students informed with what’s happening at the school.

School newsletters, policies, songs, the school website, links, and other resources all accessible from the homepage on the app for quick access.

No longer will your school have out-dated information because it’s printed, it’ll be online and up-to-date.

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The end of year concert was coming up for St Cameron’s School. This year the grade 4, 5, and 6 students were to sing the school song on stage in front of all the parents. The students needed to learn the lyrics so Mrs Webb from reception simply sent out a message via Homeroom to all grade 4, 5, and 6 students to let them know they could access the school song in the Homeroom school information tab.

The IT department loves it.

Homeroom seamlessly and automatically uploads information from your school timetabling system into the students timetable.

Simply install homeroom onto your school server, upload your student directory and voila, now you have all of your custom groups and student profiles on Homeroom to organise everything from one place.

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IT Manager, Graham Brown, was very surprised at how easy the setup was. He simply downloaded Homeroom from the website to his virtual server and imported his csv complete with the schools users and custom groups. Done!

Customise to suit your school.

Make Homeroom your own by branding it with your school crest and colours. Take a look at The Hutchins School's example.

If you have any features you would like to add to Homeroom, we can customise to suit your needs.

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The Hutchins School chose to brand the background colours of all Homeroom pages with magenta and black, their school colours. They also added their school emblem on the homepage and called the app the ‘Hutchins Organiser’.

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