The student organiser for schools who get what technology can do to enhance learning

Proven across Australia to save teachers time

We know that teachers are flat out and the more time they have for students, the more students learn. Homeroom is a time saver that teachers, students and parents can use instead of old fashioned time consuming paper-based systems like paper diaries, parent signature letters, notes and timetables. It’s easy to use and teachers love it.

Speak their language

Students love technology. They run their lives from their phones and iPad’s these days. Ask any student how they like to be communicated to, online wins hands down, not through paper based systems their grandparents came up with.

Give students the Homeroom app and watch them take ownership of their learning, school responsibilities and timetable.

Keep students accountable

No more blame game. No dog eating homework excuses.

You can be 100% certain that your students got the message with Homeroom. Messages are pushed directly to the student and don’t get lost in emails or sms’ etc.

Parents can login and check homework progress, notifications, school information etc, effectively keeping the students not just accountable to teachers but to parents as well.

Maximise your iPad investment

Leading schools from all over Australia are adopting Homeroom to get the most out of the investment they have made in iPads.

Get on board and make use of the advanced technology to not only improve learning but also communications.

Saves you money

You'll save thousands on printing and production costs all whilst reaching your students and parents more directly and quickly. Increased efficiency and effectiveness, all for less than the cost of a paper diary!

Important, resources and information that is always available

Allow staff, students and parents quick access to all your important school information all from one central place. Up-to-date newsletters, policies and upcoming events will never be lost again!

Updates students in real time

Instantly update your students and parents with last minute changes. Sport cancellations, venue changes or important updates made easy regardless of where the student of parents are, so long as they have internet access.

Students are PROUD to use Homeroom and teachers love being able to communicate with students on-the-go - Dr J Abell, Director of Information Services, Hutchins School, TAS

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